Press report of the EU-Socrates-Project.
Südwestpresse Press report of Jan. 22,98 regarding the introduction of the project
German version from Markus Fröse (SWP-Ulm)

Realschule Wiblingen has been accepted into prgramme:
"Homeland Europe" is the title of a 2-year programme of Realschule Ulm-Wiblingen and its partner schools in Austria, England and Italy.

The plan is to have a final presentation of the results of their work in London.
At a little "Fest" the 48 voluntary Socrates students of years 7 + 8 and their 5 teachers celebrated the finished work of step one of the programme. A short video was shown which showed views of the Town of Ulm and the Realschule. Of course all who had been involved in making this video enjoyed seeing themselves on the screen. The film is entertaining and will be sent to the other schools - one does want to know whom one is working with.
The films from Turin and Esher had arrived and were shown next. The video from Turin was very basic, introducting just their Socrates team, whereas the British school presented a sparkling video which was almost professional - thus setting the standard for future videos.
The project leader Ilse Motzer explained the aims of the "Socrates" programme and mentioned that the Realschule Wiblingen is the first school in the area to take part. "Socrates" has existed for several years to promote the idea of a United Europe. 
  As the Realschule Wiblingen had private contacts with the school in Esher it was fairly easy to coordinate the work with two more schools in European countries.
Ilse Motzer, "We are free to work according to our own ideas for 2 years as long as we keep in mind the uniting European thought".
The project was launched last October. National dances are practised, logos are designed; songs are composed and texts are written.
The results are documented on videos, cassettes, in the "Socrates-Newsletter" and in a book written in 3 languages. The students communicate via post and Internet.
Working on the project obviously means fun for the students and brings the desired European exchange of ideas. Two teachers from a school in Laichingen took these inspirational thoughts back to their own school. 
dwu 30.01.98