student exchange programme with CFC in Esher, England continued
(from Saturday 4 Oct. - Sunday 12 Oct. 1997)

The student exchange programme between the CFC school and Realschule Ulm-Wiblingen is now well established and 4 girls and one boy from Ulm set out for a special project in October.
The task was to help restore the old Victorian path which Princess Charlotte and Prince Leopold of Saxony-Coburg used to relax in the "Camelia-House" after dinner.
An old history book says "After dinner they would retire to the Camelia House to take coffee, the little house where Leopold's monogram can still be seen on the surrounding iron balustrade ..."
This path was overgrown and roots and leaves covered it completely. Mr. Eric Leigh - the project leader told the students what to do to prevent the path from being washed down the slope by rain.
Of course the German students also attended lessons at CFC, prepared an "assembly" and visited London.
A special treat was the Musical "Martin Guerre" in London.
The students' names were Tanja Eisenmann, Andrea Huber, Martina Kutschera, Carolin Laib and Steffen Medwed. Their German teacher Karl Haunschild and Mrs. Christa Udell, head of the department of modern languages at Claremont Fan Court School took good care of the students.
Not suprising - all visitors to England had a problem saying good-bye to their hosts and the host-country.
We are looking forward to welcoming the English students to Ulm in March 1998.

Karl Haunschild

dwu 30.01.98