Visit Of Claremont Fan Court Pupils
At Our School From 23 - 30 March, 1997

The exchange programme between Claremont Fan Court in Esher, Surrey, England and Realschule Ulm-Wiblingen, Germany which started in October 1996 was continued in Ulm in March 1997.
The English excange students and their German partners had a special time-table for one week which concentrated on art, sport and the town of Ulm. It was great fun for everybody and the English students did well with their German. By attending four regular lessons with their partners the English guests got some idea of what school life is like in Germany. "Miss Saigon" in Stuttgart and a day in Munich were two highlights for everybody.

Something else - something new - must also be mentioned. In the afternoons the English and German students and 4 German teachers worked on an evironmental project on a nature preserve in cooperation with BUND (enviromental organisation): They built a breeding place for wild bees. Sawing, hammering, cutting and bundling reed, standing in cold swamp water up their ankes, getting covered with mud - laughing and chatting in English or German or a mixture of both went so well with these activities. And the first bee came to inspect its new home while the construction was still going on. It stayed long - obviously like it.
These exchange programmes were initiated by Christa Udell, head of the department of modern languages at Claremont Fan Court School and Ilse Motzer, RL in Ulm-Wiblingen.
Ilse Motzer
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